1953 Topps
Hank Thompson

I recently acquired this card on eBay and I think I overpayed. It was $2, but by the time it was delivered it set me back closer to $5.

Thompson was a man of many firsts.

On July 17, 1947, he became the first black player for the St. Louis Browns. Three days later, he and Willard Brown became the first two African-Americans to play for the same team in the same game. Thompson was at second base while Brown played the outfield.

On Aug, 9, 1947, Thompson and Cleveland's Larry Doby became the first two black players to play on opposite teams.

Two years later, while playing for the Giants, Thompson became the first black player to play in both the American and National leagues. On July 8, 1949, he and Monte Irvin broke the color barrier for the New York Giants. He therefore broke the line for two different teams – the Browns and Giants. Also in 1949, Thompson faced Dodger pitcher Don Newcombe, becoming the first black batter to face a black pitcher.

And finally in 1951, Thompson and Irvin joined Willie Mays to become the first black trio of outfielders in the Majors. It was during the World Series.

Maybe I didn't overpay after all.

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dayf said...

It's impossible to overpay for a Hank Thompson card or a 1953 Topps card.