1948 Signal Oil
Charles Gassaway

From what I know, this card was given out in Oakland, Calif., at area Signal Gasoline stations. The set consists of 24 cards of Oakland Oaks players — including Charles "Casey" Stengel.

Gassaway played in parts of three major league seasons with the Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Athletics and Cleveland Indians. He went 5-9 with a 4.04 ERA in the three years.

One interesting thing about this card is that it is very thin, not much thicker than a business card.

It's a cool regional card from the old Pacific Coast League.


capewood said...

That's a real nice color card from the 1940s. It must have been a striking card when new.

petethan said...

That is a sweet looking card. But I can't help thinking that Gassaway is asking his pitching coach, "Does my ass look big in this uniform?"