1972 Topps
Vicente Romo

Vicente Romo was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1992.

The Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame.

Romo piched with the Indians, Red Sox, White Sox, Padres and Dodgers. He had a 32-33 record with 52 saves and 416 strikeouts in 335 games. Not exactly Hall of Fame numbers.

While researching the righthander, I learned his nickname was "Huevo" or egg. I don't know why but I would venture to guess that his noggin had something to do with it.

Wow! Take a look at that hat.


Pastor Chris said...

this almost made me spit my drink out! Thanks for the laugh and keep posting bro!

petethan said...

You have to love that he has a gap in his major league career from 1974 until his brief return to the Dodgers in 1982! I had to feature his 1983 Topps card when discussing that set on my blog.

BTW in Spanish "huevos" does, indeed, traslate to "eggs." But it also carries a secondary meaning, much the same way "nuts," does in English, if you catch my none-to-subtle drift...