1955 Bowman
Hugh Taylor

While on eBay last week, this card got mixed up in my usual search for baseball cards. And while Hugh Taylor is not wearing a glove or swinging a bat, I still think it's an AWESOME card.

I've tried collecting poor old football cards, but it's just not my thing. Even so, this card is more than worthy to be included here.

First off, it's trashed. Deep, deep creases scuffs and severely rounded corners make this card a beauty. Rich color and a classic uniform only add to it's greatness. By the way is that a leather helmet he's wearing. Sweet!

As for Taylor: he once held a record for gaining 212 yards receiving in his first game as a pro and first game of the season. He was also a two-time Pro Bowler and even served as the Houston Oilers head coach in 1965.

I know it's technically not a poor old baseball card but come on, you know you love it. I do.

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CaptKirk42 said...

Love it both as a fan of POBC and as a Redskins fan.