1957 Topps
Roy Campanella

I was pretty excited to open the mailbox the other day.

It was a long holiday weekend and I had a feeling there would be at least one package waiting for me. I was lucky, there were three.

In one was this 1957 Topps Roy Campanella that I had purchased on eBay only a few days earlier. I was expecting this card to arrive later in the week.

But there it was. A beautiful card to say the least.

This is the first card of Campanella in my collection.

It was listed on eBay as being in poor condition and the price was right so I went for it. When I opened up the package I looked at my new card and it looked to be in much better condition than poor.

But upon further review, the card showed its true colors – or should I say folds.

If you look close enough you will see the massive crease that runs across the card. It's kind of hard to see because it's hidden by the base path in the background. But believe me, it's there.

Still, not a bad example of a poor old baseball card.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice picture of Campy, with Ebbets Field in the background, from the final season of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

March 11, 2010 at 12:54 PM  

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