Anonymous Collectibles NJ said...

“Let me see if I got this right. You buy low grade

beat up cards and feature them on your blog.

That’s awesome. Totally different than all the

other blogs I have seen featuring the nicest cards.”


NEW FEATURE: Fantasy 50

Today, I'd like to introduce a new feature to this blog: It's called Fantasy 50.

It's where I have an imaginary $50 to spend on poor old baseball cards. 

My shopping list is taken from completed eBay auctions that have sold over the past week. 

It's just a fun way to wonder ... what if?

Heres my picks for the week of Feb. 23-29, 2020

1. 1933 Tattoo Orbit Melvin Harder
Sold on Feb. 24
$6.50 + $4.00 shipping, total of $10.50

More rare than the 1933 Goudey, these cards don't seem to be very popular among vintage collectors.

2. 1971 Topps Bob Gibson
Sold on Feb. 28
$0.01 + $1.49 shipping, total of $1.50

Why not. It's like getting a card from the value menu.

3. 1911 Hassan Triple Folder Delahanty/Jones
Sold on Feb. 27
$12.00 + $4.20 shipping, total of $16.20

These old cards are well over 100 years old  now and becoming harder to find. Gone are the days of $10 tobacco cards.

4. 1962 Post Willie Mays
Sold on Feb. 26
$1.80 + $3.95 shipping, total of $5.75

Come on, it's Willie Mays and it's from the side of a cereal box.

5. 1957 Topps Jerry Coleman
Sold on Feb. 26
$0.99 + $0.75 shipping, total of $1.74

The HOF broadcaster was roomies with Mickey Mantle and a Marine pilot during WWII and Korea.

6. 1970 Topps Vida Blue and Gene Tenace Rookie
Sold on Feb. 25
$3.20 + $0.75 shipping, total of $3.95

Two pretty good players on one rookie card.

7. 1971 Topps Pete Rose
Sold on Feb. 24
$1.95 + $3.50 shipping, total of $5.45

I love the 1970 black borders, not to mention a youngish Pete Rose.

8. 1958 Topps Brooks Robinson
Sold on Feb. 23
$1.25 + $3.50 shipping, total of $4.75

Second-year card of arguably the game's best third baseman.

TOTAL: $49.84