1943 La Ambrosia
Jose M. Valdes

I love it when I find a new set I've never even heard of, let alone seen.

I recently bought a handfull of these Cuban cards and they're all in horrible shape. Perfect for this blog.

As far as I know they contain players from an amateur Cuban league.

What really drew me to post this particular card is it's watercolor-like look. The paper is extremely thin and each card is very delicate.

And check out that moustache on Mr. Valdes.

You wouldn't see a major leaguer wearing one of those in the 1940s.


Dave said...

Agreed. I absolutely LOVE it.

William said...

Where have you gone? I loved reading this blog!!

petethan said...

I'm really loving the Cuban cards. I recently fulfilled a long-time wish by picking up some Japanese cards. I'd love to have some vintage Cuban cards in my collection. Thanks for sharing these.