1919 W514
Stuffy McInnis

This card is just plain dirty. I think it may be tar.

Can't you just see this card falling onto the fresh pavement in 1919?

I'm not sure how this gunk got on this card but it's caked on.

Stuffy McInnis is one of those players that you've probably heard of but not sure why?

He was a member of the Philadelphia Athletics' $100,000 infield of the early 1910s. A first baseman, McInnis teamed up with Eddie Collins (2B), Jack Barry (SS) and Frank Baker (3B). Some consider them to be the greatest infield ever.

And by the way, their salary would equal less than $2.5 million today.

Now that's a bargain.

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Matthew Glidden said...

Stuffy looks resolute, despite the tarring. Any feathers stuck to the back? :-)