1913 T200 Boston Americans

This is another old tobacco card from the early 1900s, except this issue was of teams only. Sixteen teams were released, eight National League, and eight American League.

If you look close enough you will see photos of three significant players for the Red Sox including: Tris Speaker, Harry Hooper and Joe Wood.

These cards are printed on a very glosssy, yet very thin, photo paper. As you can tell by this card's edges, it has become very brittle over the years.

Years ago I owned a T200 Pittsburgh Pirates card. Obviously it included Honus Wagner. I thought it was great to own a card of Wagner but his image was tiny. So I sold the card and promptly bought another Wagner card.

No, not that Wagner card. I actually got an E95. It is a gum and candy card from 1909. It's not the Wagner, but a nice one nonetheless.

It's also a poor old baseball card.

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