1963 Fleer
Tommy Davis

Fleer really did a nice job with their set in 1963. They produced a very attractive set with a clean and simple design.

The back of this card reflects Tommy Davis' excellent season of 1962.

Davis finished third in the MVP voting, finishing the season as the league leader in batting average (.346), hits (230) and RBI (153).

One interesting thing about this set: Apparently Fleer issued their cards with cookies instead of bubble gum. The set really didn't fare well because Topps sued Fleer, keeping their monopoly on the baseball card market.

Cookies? I wonder if they were chocolate chip?


dayf said...

From what I've heard the cookies were cherry flavored. I've never cracked open a pack though and I wouldn't taste the cookie right now if I did find one to open...

Anthony said...

The cookies were a medium brown, neither soft nor brittle, and unremittingly bland in flavor: if pressed, I'd say they had an almondy aftertaste, though not much of one. They weren't at all bad, though the getting-a-new-pack-of-baseball-cards effect may have worked in their favor (and flavor).