1952 Topps
Ferris Fain

Every 1952 Topps card is worth having, but this one does have its issues.

Ferris Fain was the defending AL batting champion in 1952 after batting .344 for the Philadelphia Athletics in 1951. According to the back of this card, it was the first time in his 5-year career that Fain batted over .300.

In 1952, Fain batted .327 winning his second straight batting title. He was also a member of five consecutive American League All-Star teams.

But for a guy with quite a few accomplishments, he seems to be not very well known as a ballplayer. Imagine if a guy won two consecutive batting titles and appeared in five straight All-Star games today. He would be the talk of the league.

I wonder if Fain were a Yankee or Dodger— would his place in baseball history be different?

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Anthony said...

Fain's second career was as a marijuana grower: "I knew how to grow the stuff. I was as adept at it as I was in playing baseball," he said after two busts in the 1980s; he served 18 months in prison after his second one in 1988.