1957 Topps
Ted Kluszewski

I really like this card. It may be one of the nicest baseball cards ever made by Topps. It's too bad someone drew a star on Big Klu's chest.

It it said that when Kluszewski joined the Reds, he immediately cut the sleeves off his uniform because they constricted his arms and got in the way of his swing. This pose in 1957 gives you a perfect understanding why. He was huge! He may have been one of the strongest ballplayers ever.

As a kid I never really knew a whole lot about Kluszewski. But by reading the back of this card I have learned plenty.

Kluszewski had some monster years from 1953-56; hitting at least .300 with 35 home runs and 100 RBI in each of those seasons. He also was selected to his fourth straight All Star game in 1956.

In 1954, he batted .325 with 49 homers and 141 RBI, finishing second in MVP voting to Willie Mays.

By the way, check out the mustached Mr. Red on Kluszewski's chest. You gotta love it.

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Erin said...

If you have a chance check out SLUGGERS SUPREME Topps #321 1957. It has Ted Kluszewski and Ted Williams.