1958 Topps
Mickey Mantle All Star

Of all the 1958 All Star cards this one has got to be my favorite.

In '58, Topps used a very simple design. Each player was cutout and placed over a brightly-colored background. All Star cards used different player photos, compared to their standard counterparts, and were placed over either a red or blue field of white stars. American Leaguers were red, National Leaguers blue.

I'm not sure what it is about this card, but it has 1950's written all over it.

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Uncle Rusty said...


The old story about what you might find in the attic...In the 2nd grade ('58), I made a "Baseball Notebook" that featured 20 of that spring's All Stars and pertinent anecdotes...forever pasted onto the 2-hole tablet paper I used. I must say my Mickey looks a lot better than yours, but at least you can see the back side of his card! 8^)