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1959 Topps
Sal Maglie

What's with the sad look on Maglie's face?

Maybe it's because he's pitching for a team outside his native state of New York.

Maglie started his career with the New York Giants in 1945. He pitched in 13 games that year before going to the Mexican League from 1946-49. That's kind of weird.

Then in 1950, he returned to the Giants where he stayed until 1955. He then moved on to Cleveland where he pitched for parts of 1955 and 1956.

Then back to Brooklyn where he would pitch for parts of 1956 and 1957. Then he went on to the Yankees where he pitched for parts of 1957 and 1958. He finished the 1958 season in St. Louis.

Come to think of it, that's probably the look of exhaustion.


night owl said...

When Sal pitched in Cleveland, he was probably closer to home than when he pitched for the Giants or Dodgers. ... Sal grew up in Niagara Falls, which is kind of close to Cleveland. I used to go to games at Sal Maglie Stadium (it wasn't much of a stadium) in Niagara Falls.

antoine said...

While The Barber did go to the Mexican League in '46, it's understandable as salaries were much higher there for big league imports - Williams and Dimaggio, to name a couple, got offers of fill-in-your-salary contracts - than he would have received with the Giants. Maglie didn't pitch in the ML all four years - I believe he came back to the states and played with a minor league club (for which he received a higher salary than he would have at the time in MLB), and his absence till 1950 is indicative of Commissioner Happy Chandler's banning all players who jumped leagues (this was overturned in June '49, I think).