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“Let me see if I got this right. You buy low grade

beat up cards and feature them on your blog.

That’s awesome. Totally different than all the

other blogs I have seen featuring the nicest cards.”


1954 Topps
Ted Kluszewski

I'll be honest. As far as I'm concerned Topps finished third when it came to baseball card design in 1954.

It's not that Topps' design is all that bad, it's more about Red Heart and Dan Dee's design being better.

For small issues, Red Heart (dog food) and Dan Dee (potato chips) made some sweet-looking cards.

The other problem for Topps in 1954 is that it was missing more than a few stars in its set including: Stan Musial, Bob Feller, Robin Roberts, Roy Campanella, Pee Wee Reese and arguably the most popular player of all – Mickey Mantle.

I know some of you out there disagree.

Some may think that this is one of Topps' better designs. 1952 is far and away the best and 1957 and 1964 are two of my favorites.

While I can't argue that the effort in 1954 may have been in the top-10 overall for Topps, I just think Red Heart and Dan Dee are better.

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I like it. Thanks for the info. I was searching to buy a Mickey Mantle 1954 Topps untill you just told me it didn't exist. NICE! And along the line of card condition.....Heres the deal: I have a super sick collection of cards from 1950-1970 all original collector (my dad got all these little dudes from packs) and I have all the big boys. A ton of the cards are in awsome shape but some aren't so good and I'm looking on ebay seeing cards not selling for what the Becket guide says unlkess they get a sick grade from those baboons at the grading firms. So my take is I'm keeping everything because #1 these card are AWSOME and I'de rather have them than half what their worth in cash and #2 their sweet and I love baseball cards and #3 I think some day people will realize you still got the same card no matter how its centered and if one corner his a microscopic dog tail. But hay, I love the fact that I can get sweet old Mickey Mantle Topps 1964 embossed for cheap just because they have a little bicycle spoke juice lathered on the back. Oh ya, and my dad stomped his name on the back of my Mickey Mantle 1953, think that helps? and mad other cards have my uncles initials smashed on the back, thanks dad! I LOVE BASEBALL CARDS! and comic books. But thats a whole nother post. Thanks friends - Paul