Anonymous Collectibles NJ said...

“Let me see if I got this right. You buy low grade

beat up cards and feature them on your blog.

That’s awesome. Totally different than all the

other blogs I have seen featuring the nicest cards.”


1959 Topps
Billy Martin

Sometimes I wonder how my latest acquisition became a poor old baseball card.

In this card's case, I'd guess the culprit was some sort of drink. Kool Aid?

Take a look at the left edge. It's got a pink-like hue that reminds me of the stain made when you spill Hawaiian Punch all over your shirt. Not that I've ever done that.

And what about all those creases?

They've got to be the result of the old back pocket.

I'm not sure how Billy Martin got all his flaws, but it's fun wondering.


Vince Prygoski said...

Good ole Battling Billy! he never seemed to stay in one place for too long, either as a player or a manager. he'd always start out fine, but then eventually he'd get pissed off at someone,and someone would get pissed off at him, and before long the whole team would be fighting each other and it would be time for Billy to move on and repeat the pattern somewhere else.

i think he both played and managed with three different teams: Yankees, Tigers, and Twins. Did he also play for the KC A's as well as managing the same franchise in Oakland??? That would make it four.

Anonymous said...

'59 Topps that are in good condition are so pricey that most of the ones I own are a little nicked up. I just can't see paying several bucks for a common card.

petethan said...

This card looks the way Billy probably felt most mornings after a typically entertaining night...