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“Let me see if I got this right. You buy low grade

beat up cards and feature them on your blog.

That’s awesome. Totally different than all the

other blogs I have seen featuring the nicest cards.”


1943 La Ambrosia
Juan R. Castaneda

Usually when I don't know a player I can simply Google him and find out plenty. Not the case with the ballplayer on this old card.

What I can tell you is that Castaneda was the manager of Club Circulo de Artesanos. The club played amateur ball in Cuba.

But I didn't get the info from Google. It was from the back of the thin card. It seems Google has never heard of Mr. Castaneda the Cuban ballplayer.

And here I thought Wikipedia had an entry for almost everyone.

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Anonymous said...

That's sad. The man loved baseball just like we do. He probably spent his whole life, or at least a good part of it, in the game. And now we don't know anything about him.

Thank you for posting his card here so he can get at least a little recognition.