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1959 Topps
Duke Snider

I had my eye on this card for a few weeks. It was listed on eBay and a few days ago I finally pulled the trigger. So for less than the price of a gallon of gas in Southern California, it's mine.

For me, this card is interesting because it shows how Snider's numbers dropped dramatically after leaving Brooklyn's Ebbets Field and moving into Los Angeles' Coliseum.

In 1958, the Dodgers' first season in L.A., Snider hit only 15 homers with 58 RBI. He had hit at least 40 homers and averaged 117 RBI in the final five seasons in Brooklyn. Some think the move to Los Angeles marked the beginning of the end of a great career for the Duke of Flatbush.

In the 1950's most considered Snider the third center fielder in New York. The first two were the Yankees' Mickey Mantle and the Giants' Willie Mays.

But Snider's numbers were at least comparable. He was an eight-time All Star and a two-time world champion. And in 1980 he was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

What a treat it must have been for New Yorkers to be able to go out on any given day and watch any of the three future Hall of Famers patrol the outfield.

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