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1955 Bowman
Allie Reynolds

Today I learned that Allie Reynolds was part of the Creek Nation. And as a Native American ballplayer, he was nicknamed Superchief.

In baseball's days past, most Native American players were nicknamed Chief: Chief Bender, Chief Meyers.

Slow farmboys were called Rube: Rube Marquard, Rube Waddell.

Deaf players were called Dummy: Dummy Hoy. Dummy Taylor.

Today, these nicknames would not be tolerated. Reynolds played at least 40 years after the other players mentioned. I've never heard of anyone calling him Superchief. He's always been known as Allie as far as I knew.

But that's not the case for the others. I would have to think hard to tell you Chief Bender's real first name is Charles. And did you know Marquard's real name is Richard and Hoy's is William?

Reynolds was actually a pretty good pitcher for some pretty good teams.

He threw two no-hitters in one year, was named to six All-Star games and won 6 world championships as a member of the New York Yankees.

Many consider him a borderline Hall-of Famer. More than just a nickname.

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